Common questions we get asked on PWApress

Why PWApress?

We see a large demand of users that would like to push the boundaries of WordPress a bit further that what is currently possible. Headless sites, Static sites are gaining traction because of this and we wanted to create an easy-to-use, yet powerful way to create a Progressive web site/store/app using WordPress.

Do I have to be able to code to use the plugin?

Definitely not, we made it as easy and accessible as possible so no coding is required. However a level of "web-savvyness" is likely required as PWApress tries to take your website beyond the normal.

Will plugin X work with PWApress?

At the moment we have support for 3 external plugins: Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7 and Bulletin Announcements. We will be actively working on integrating the most popular plugins and welcome any suggestions.

I have WordPress Mobile Pack, how do I transition to PWApress?

WP Mobile Pack will still remain active for the foreseeable future, however active development will be discontinued. We will be publishing a comprehensive migration guide after we publish the v1 of the plugin on the WP.org repo. For Wordpress Mobile Pack PRO customers, we will be offering a discount to move over to PWApress.

Can I publish my PWApress app on the App Stores?

Both Google and Apple have tightened their protocols, so it is not that easy anymore to publish a simple, content driven app. The better alternative is to prompt your users to install the site to their device, which we offer within PWApress.

When will your plugin be available?

We are working towards a launch date of early December 2020

I have some specific questions, who can I contact?

Please contact Rock Solid Digital (the creator of the plugin) for any questions/comments/feedback you may have.